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Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle

[No .SC150X2]

Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle
Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle

  • Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle
  • Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle
  • Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle
  • Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle

[No. CY0002]

Organic Salba Chia seed 15x10g 2 packs bundle


HKD 240.0
HKD 200.0
The features of Salba Chia:
* The only medical use variety: The University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, clinical use of Salba Chia, helping diabetics to control weight, blood sugar & preesure and bad cholesterol.
* Awards:
Best Natural/Organic Food Award - NOPA
Best Organic Super Food Award - Vegetarian Food Asia
* The only registered variety in the world, #911 & #912 seed
* Verified by Japan, the amount of Omega-3, is 30% higher than others, is stable even is heated to 220 ° C
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LIFE brings you organic Salba Chia from South America. Salba Chia seeds are the best quality Chia seeds. It is the result of more than ten years of rigorous selection, systematic cultivation, farmland conservation and strict selection for organic farming.

Chia seeds are renowned as superfoods and are also praised as a weight loss star. Among 80+ species of them, there is a variety called organic Salba Chia, its Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and protein contents are the highest in the Chia family. 

Omega-3 has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects on the body, and it is stable to heat even at a temperatures up to 220°C. It is perfectly complementary for both hot and cold cooking. In addition to body slimming, the University of Toronto in Canada has been using Salba Chia for people with diabetics to effectively control their body weight, blood sugar and blood pressure. 

L.I.F.E.'s organic Salba Chia is from the Sage seed family, Argentina. Taking 10 grams per day, they will provide you with the highest level of antioxidant Omega-3, which helps to reverse skin aging signs.

Organic White Salba Chia Seeds:

* Medical Application: University of Toronto Medical School, Canada, The only clinical use of Salba Chia to help diabetics lose weight, control blood sugar and blood pressure

Certification/ Award:
2018 The Best Organic Superfood, LOHAS Expo
2017 The Best Natural/Organic Food, NOPA
2016 Japan Walking Association

The Benifit of Organic White Salba Chia Seeds

* Slimming beauty, detoxification and anti-inflammatory: Certified o
rganic by USDA and JAS,rich in Omega-3(DHA & EPA) and plant protein

* Effectively control diabetes/gout/high blood pressure

* Omega 3 to promote brain development in children

* Take natural whole food, effectively reduce bad cholesterol

* Rejuvenating energy drinks after exercise

* 9 vitamins and 10 minerals to promote muscle and cell recovery

place of origin:
* Argentina

Organic White Salba Chia Seed 150g (Travel Package)

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