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Sanitizer 18ml x 4

[No .ST072]

Sanitizer 18ml x 4
Sanitizer 18ml x 4

  • Sanitizer 18ml x 4

[No. CY0002]

Sanitizer 18ml x 4


HKD 48.0
HKD 40.0

Our sanitizer contains 58% of ethanol which is food-grade formulated, meaning that it can be directly sprayed on food-processing tools. Its powerful ingredients can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria. Accompanied by the atomized sprayer, the sanitizer can cover uneven surfaces, making it more effective in sanitizing hands. Keeping your hands clean and as free of bacteria as possible at any time using our rinse-free sanitizer.
Instruction: Spray proper amount of sanitizer on hand down to finger nails and rub to dry.
Storage Method: Keep in a cool,well-ventilated place. Keep away from direct sunlight and fire
Country of Origin:  China
Package: Sanitizer 18ml 4 in 1
Content: Ethanol, Glycerin

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