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Sanitizer Misty Sprayer GUD1000

[No .GUD1000]

Sanitizer Misty Sprayer GUD1000
Sanitizer Misty Sprayer GUD1000

  • Sanitizer Misty Sprayer GUD1000

[No. CY0002]

Sanitizer Misty Sprayer GUD1000


HKD 1,200.0
HKD 980.0
Japan SARAYA GUD 1000 soap dispenser

No need to touch GUD-1000 to avoid cross-infection
Suitable for a variety of foam soaps and disinfectants
Can be wall-mounted or placed on a horizontal surface, use batteries, no power

Capacity : 1L

How to use: Put your hands in the sensing area and the dispenser will spray out quantitative products

Size : 147mm x 101mm x 26mm

Power Supply : 4 AA batteries

color: gray

Japan SARAYA GUD 1000 soap dispenser with bracket


1 can be placed freely, without restrictions on the venue
2. With billboards, can be installed from the mention of the billboard, can play promotional information
3. Adjustable height: 1.3-1.7 meters, convenient for adults and children to use
It can be used in places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, offices, and elevator entrances.

Product Specifications: Wide 35cm x Thick 35cm x High 131CM to 170CM

How to use: Adjust the auto-sensing dispenser to the desired height with screws or double-sided tape

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