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Neutral Detergent 5L

[No .ND5000]

Neutral Detergent 5L
Neutral Detergent 5L

  • Neutral Detergent 5L
  • Neutral Detergent 5L

[No. CY0002]

Neutral Detergent 5L


HKD 430.0
HKD 360.0
Neutral vegetable and fruit detergent set 5 liters

Extracted from coconut with biodegradable neutral detergent, it is milder to the hands, colorless and odorless, effectively removes stains, and is easy to clean without remaining on the dishes. It can also clean fruits and vegetables and break down residual pesticides.

"Cleaning dishes:
1. Pour out from the dispenser, soak the water, soak it, then scrub with a clean cloth.
2. Rinse and rinse

Cleaning fruits and vegetables:
1. Dilute neutral vegetable and fruit detergent with 1 part detergent
2. Then immerse the fruits and vegetables in the diluted water. Do not wash the fruit for more than 5 minutes.
3. After immersion, wash under running water for a minimum of 30 seconds or dip twice with 5 minutes of water. "

preservation method:
Store in a cool, ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight

place of origin:

5 L refill

Surfactant (dodecyl sulfate, fatty acid diethanolamide)
* does not contain SLS

Dispenser color
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